Wild Rice

Wild Rice is a North American superfood that is naturally free of gluten. While Wild Rice is grown in flooded paddies and prepared in a similar culinary fashion to traditional rice, the similarities stop there.

Wild Rice is not an actual rice but is an aquatic grass, harvested for its grain-like seed. White and Brown Rice versus Wild Rice are altogether separate genus and Wild Rice is packed with far more nutrients.

Wild Rice was first hand harvested by various Native American tribes (including the Chippewa, Sioux, Ojibwa, and Cree) in canoes in the Great Lakes Region of North America. Through cultivation, we have made great strides in efficiency while retaining the incredible nutritional benefits and flavor profiles.

Our wild rice is planted in Spring and harvested in Summer and early Fall by a small yet mighty crew. We have a healthy population of Sandhill Cranes who love to graze our rice paddies and consume one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Our rice is antioxidant rich and packed with proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

While the bulk of our rice is sold through commercial outlets, we are in the final stages of a branded product, Sandhill Wild Rice.

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Sandhill Wild Rice is non-GMO, high in fiber, protein, magnesium, zinc, B vitamins, and vitamin E: a cancer fighting antioxidant.

The flavor of Wild Rice makes it stand out amongst other gluten free grains. Sandhill Wild Rice has a robust, nutty flavor that grounds each dish by adding a rich texture and component of sophistication and complexity.

Sandhill Organic Wild Rice is a single origin product. Much of the wild rice found in the market place comes from a milling facility, which combines product from a conglomerate of farmers from various regions and cultural practices. Sandhill Organic Wild Rice, being of single origin, is assuredly consistent and premium. It is grown in the fertile valley beneath the Warner Mountain Range on a multi-generational family farm and ranch. Alturas Ranches, home of Sandhill Wild Rice, is beautifully situated in Northern California, surrounded by preserved wildlife habitat. 

Alturas Ranches primary focus is on the health of the land. We have established, converted, and continue to develop vast fields of conventionally farmed ground to organic land. Our cattle operations work closely with the Savory Institute, practicing regenerative grazing methods. We believe in and see the fruit of our labor through grazing practices that add carbon back into our soil. We believe our farming and ranching practices can work together to grow the microbiology in our soils and thus increase the nutrient density of the crops we cultivate.

Sandhill Wild Rice is named for the migratory Sandhill Cranes which make their habitat in our paddies. We pride ourselves on our organic practices which, amongst other more obvious benefits, further the health and wellbeing of these beautiful birds. The crane, in Chinese and Japanese culture, is a symbol for longevity, peace, and good-fortune: all of which are promoted through the consumption of this native superfood.