Alfalfa & Feed Products

Alfalfa and feed products are the bread and butter of Alturas Ranches operations. We are your best source for hay and feed products in California. Alturas Ranches is one of the largest hay growers in California, growing both conventional and certified organic hay.

We specialize in

high quality alfalfa

orchard grass

grain hay& Straw

native meadow grasses

organic grass

& alfalfa pellets

Alturas Ranches has a amazing teams of swathers, rakes, steamers, balers, harrow bed drivers, and truckers Our hay  managers coordinate the teams with incredible precision to provide the highest  quality product to our customers. We service both large scale and retail customers and have teams of truckers to deliver throughout California and Nevada. We also ship internationally.

Our Alfalfa Pellets are sold in bulk at the Alturas Ranches office and in 10 lb. bags at garden centers across California. Visit our website at for more detail. 

Call Leslie at the Alturas Ranches Office for any hay or feed related questions.


A look into our harvest process